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Reduce risk

With numerous individuals to track, it’s difficult to ensure your workforce is always compliant. Workforce Validate simplifies and automates the license and credential verification process all in one place.

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certifications supported


state licensing boards monitored

76% of compliance managers say they regularly scan regulatory websites to track changes and assess the impact on their organization. This manual process leaves too much room for human error.

License Verification


Instant license verification

With automated email alerts and reporting, you’ll never miss an expiration

Store all employee data in one central profile

With employee data stored across different departments, provide transparency with Workforce Validate

Weekly automated reports

Monthly license verification isn’t enough. Receive automated reports each week with your employees’ compliance status so you’re always up to date

Certification Verification


Instant certification verification

With automated email alerts and reporting, you’ll never miss an expiration

Automated email reminders when certifications are expiring

Employees receive ongoing reminders to renew their certification before it expires

Hundreds of certifications verified

Certifications are verified at hundreds of issuing boards, including American Red Cross and American Heart Association

Exclusions Monitoring

Industry-leading data monitoring and matching algorithms

Reduce re-work and spot compliance issues other solutions overlook

Flags for records that need attention

Resolve compliance issues when they arise

Hundreds of state and federal boards monitored

OIG & SAM, state and federal exclusions, sanctions, and more

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Added benefits for hStream for Learning subscribers:

  • License Verification included with an hStream for Learning subscription
  • Automated data feed from the HealthStream Learning Center
  • Verified licensure data reflected in the My Team application and Learning Center
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“With 30 years of healthcare compliance experience, we go above and beyond to ensure a culture of compliance. We don’t just monitor the basic sites such as SAM and OIG, we monitor over 750 state, federal, and certifying boards to ensure the highest degree of compliance and safety. We also verify applicable nurse licenses through, the industry standard for nurse primary source verification.”

As a healthcare leader, do you want to:

  • Streamline current manual processes?
  • Build a culture of compliance?
  • Ensure quality care?
  • Mitigate risk?
  • Avoid penalties?
  • Automate monitoring?
  • Save time and resources?
  • Ensure staff are compliant at all times?

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