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10 Reasons to Round on Employees

 This blog post continues our series of patient experience best practices from the HealthStream Engagement Institute. We regularly share information that demonstrates our understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare organizations and the solutions we have identified for improving the patient experience and patient and business outcomes.

The leader rounding process can be used to role model and build a strong team founded on trust, pride, and loyalty. But, perhaps more importantly, you will find yourself focusing on the needs of your team members as customers, and consequently, team members will focus on providing the best service to your patients. The end result is higher performance and increased customer loyalty.

Top 10 Reasons to Round on Your Employees

  1. Building relationships
  2. Showing you care
  3. Spending time one-on-one, and not at the annual appraisal
  4. Listening and learning
  5. Creating alignment
  6. Inspiring and encouraging
  7. Empowering staff
  8. Identifying solutions
  9. Doing the right thing for the right reason
  10. Building loyalty and ownership

Steps for Rounding on Employees

Employee rounding will only be effective when the leader prepares and achieves familiarity with how the process works. It is not enough to simply show up in a department. Instead, successfully connecting with employees involves specific, purposeful actions and words.

How to Prepare for Rounding

Research employee satisfaction results and set up rounding log.
 Consider he questions you will focus on, such as:

  • What is working well in our department?
  • What do you like about senior leader rounding?
  • What do you think is good about the “Journey To Excellence?”
  • Schedule and notify employees of questions via email, or post in conference room.

About the Best Practice Series

We are pleased to share the best practices developed by our expert coaches from the HealthStream Engagement Institute. This series of how-to publications offers proven techniques, key words and phrases, and processes to help you transform your culture to one of high performance.

Our Best Practices Series, based on employee-developed and employee-managed practices and programs, includes the following:

  • Hourly Rounding
  • Reward and Recognition
  • Peer Interviewing
  • Bright Ideas™
  • Purposeful Rounding
  • Words that WorkSM
  • Service Recovery
  • Standards of Performance

Our goal for this collection is to offer you even more tools to achieve extraordinary service and higher levels of performance excellence.

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