Provider Advisor

Winter 2016

The complexities of credentialing and provider enrollment have never been greater, and healthcare organizations across the country are struggling to perform these tasks in a timely and efficient manner. In this issue of Provider Advisor, we take an in-depth look at the onboarding process. Highlights include the challenges one provider faces in credentialing and enrolling providers and from another organization some best practices in these areas and lessons learned from trying to implement improvements. Our research has shown us that most of you consider onboarding activities to be crucial to revenue cycle management, and we also take a look at what is new in this area. Finally, we present our 10 Physician Trends for 2016, highlighting issues we think will be foremost in the minds of physicians this year.

 This issue includes:

  • Feature Article

    Questions Physicians Ask about 2016 Healthcare Trends

  • Feature Article

    PENN MEDICINE: Working Hard to Improve Physician Onboarding

  • Feature Article

    Revenue Cycle Management Is Keeping CFOs Up at Night

  • Executive Letter

    Onboarding Challenges Have Never Been Greater

  • Industry Challenge

    Keeping Current When It Comes to CME

  • Under the Microscope

    Managing Physician Talent: Five Key Focus Areas

  • Product Innovation

    EchoOnboarding: Why is Onboarding Physicians an Emerging C-Suite Priority?

  • Expert Opinion

    Put Down that Pen! It’s Time to Go Digital with Provider Enrollment A Q&A with Lance Hebert, VP, Credentialing & Provider Enrollment, Echo—A HealthStream Company

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