Workforce Advisor

Winter 2016

In this issue of the Healthcare Workforce Advisor, we look at healthcare workforce trends for 2016 and highlight some effective solutions, such as the work by Stanford Health Care to redesign nurse residency programs that help new graduates take the journey from new nurse to practicing RN. We also look at some best practices for effective interviewing of new employees and new innovations in assigning and assessing annual mandatory training. 

This issue includes:

  • Feature Article

    Talking Nurse Residency Pathways with Stanford’s Shirley Sampson

  • Feature Article

    10 Workforce Trends to Watch in 2016

  • Feature Article

    AORN’s Susan Root Discusses the Perioperative Workplace of the Future

  • Executive Letter

    Onboarding Key to Developing and Retaining New Nurses

  • Industry Challenge

    Interviewing’s a Two Way Street

  • Under the Microscope

    Taking the Pulse of Healthcare HR Execs

  • Product Innovation

    KnowledgeQ: Take Control of Your Annual Training Initiatives

  • Expert Opinion

    We Can’t Ignore the Development of Our Nurses: A Q&A with Trisha Coady, VP, Clinical Development Solutions, HealthStream

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