The U.S. Pregnancy Health Crisis is Worsening


increase in maternal mortality rates in the U.S. in 2021 than previous year


maternal deaths per 100,000 live births in the U.S. in 2021


The U.S. has 10x the estimated maternal mortality rates of some other high income countries

Providing you with the tools to promote the best outcomes for your team and patients

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This comprehensive training includes essential components that have been proven to enhance clinical outcomes in obstetrics as it relates to electronic fetal monitoring, maternal hypertension, postpartum hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, TOLAC, and effective communication. Quality OB strengthens clinical competency by reinforcing education needed to mitigate risk and think critically. Didactic training combined with scenario-based microsimulations and standardized assessment tools prepare clinicians for meeting Joint Commission mandates and overall process improvement.


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Co-developed in partnership with Dr. Henry Lerner, former Chair of the Risk Management Committee for ProMutual Insurance Company and Assistant Clinical Professor, Emeritus at Harvard, OB Safety Sims Toolkit delivers precise instruction on six key obstetrical emergencies. This toolkit helps health systems meet Joint Commission standards related to annual drills. While focused on actions needed save lives, this solution includes downloadable checklists and charting templates. The goal of the OB Safety Sims Toolkit is to remove the burden of creating scenarios and easily conducting drills using minimal supplies on the unit where patients are present. This tool is obviously effective for Obstetrical teams, but also Emergency and Rapid Response personnel.


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Developed in partnership with St. Luke’s, HealthStream’s ALS OB program focuses on understanding how, when, and why to modify the standard algorithms when caring for a pregnant or newly-delivered patient. This program was written for OB clinicians by OB experts to give them the understanding they need to confidently and competently change how they provide care for this unique population.


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Healthcare Services Group uses Quality OB to mitigate claims risk


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Learn how Healthcare Services Group uses Quality OB to mitigate claims risk. Because Quality OB was structured according to ACOG and AWHONN guidelines, it was seen as a more useful tool, and also one that created a dialogue within hospital systems.



Compliant with The Joint Commission Sentinel Event #66

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Explore our reference guide to understand how these programs align to staff training requirements outlined in The Joint Commission Sentinel Event #66. Optimize your staff with best practices, training, evidence, standardized practices or policies, processes, and measures of success.


Leverage Quality OB to Improve Obstetrical Outcomes and Decrease Hospital Risk

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Learn how our Obstetrics solutions have resulted in a 22% decrease in negative events versus the national average in our mission to achieving zero harm


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Successfully respond to obstetrical challenges with equitable and respectful care

Clinicians need a reliable toolkit to ensure safe, quality obstetric care. We’re committed to helping you solve healthcare’s biggest, most critical problems, so you can focus on optimizing outcomes.

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