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Preceptor training tailored to the unique needs of the role

Preceptor Development is designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by preceptors through evidence-based programming, empowering organizations to nurture their next-level leaders. With content co-developed with Sigma using Beth Ulrich’s Mastering Precepting as its guide, preceptors are developed to excel in bridging clinical gaps and strengthening support for new and transitioning staff. The preceptor program curriculum combines interactive learning modules, scenario-based videos, and skill checklists to provide an engaging, flexible, and productive environment for new and seasoned staff to take the next step in leadership.




Resources for a Blended Learning Approach

Preceptor Development provides a variety of content-based resources and tools to support flexible program delivery in asynchronous online and/or facilitator-led learning environments.  

Program Facilitator Guide

Support Administrators and Facilitators with program-specific recommendations and resources to design and execute a successful preceptor experience tailored to your organizational needs.  

Care-Based Scenarios

Supplemental resources and embedded videos within the courseware provide realistic examples to apply knowledge and enhance critical thinking skills.  

Online Skills/Competency Checklists

Focuses on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes preceptors need to be effective in their role • Validation is permanently documented online in the HealthStream Transcript.  

Select C.A.R.E.S. Assessment 

Identifies behavioral tendencies across five factors and provides insight into preceptors’ own strengths and opportunities to foster enhanced self-awareness and collaboration skills.   

Nurture staff development

Preceptors need support, training, and a standardized program to ensure their success and, ultimately, the success of your organization. By investing in preceptor training, you can enhance patient outcomes, nurse retention, and overall workforce engagement. With Preceptor Development, you are supporting a culture where every clinician feels supported, competent, and ready to lead.

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