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Effective Compliance Training

Compliance Training is available in the following categories:

Keep Up With Changes

Our Billing and Corporate training courses include training essential for meeting CMS, HHS, and OIG requirements.  Course content automatically updates as new requirements are established, ensuring courseware is effective.

Libraries include:

  • Behavioral Health Compliance
  • Contracts and Arrangements Compliance
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Documentation for Quality Care
  • EMTALA Compliance
  • False Claims Act
  • Health Plan Compliance
  • HIPAA for Business Associates
  • HIPAA for Health Plans
  • Home Health Compliance
  • Hospice Compliance
  • Nursing Facility Compliance
  • Professional Compliance
  • Rehabilitation Services Compliance

Protection Across the Board

Effective HIPAA training ensures all staff members and administrators receive the education they need to avoid potentially costly mistakes. Utilizing innovative learning tactics such as real-life video scenarios, individuals will learn to protect both the privacy of patients and the reputation of your facility.

Libraries include:

  • HIPAA for Business Associates
  • HIPAA for Health Plans

Create a Culture of Security

Through a combination of simulated phishing attacks and automatically assigned training, the Phishing Simulator, brought to you by HCCS in partnership with MediaPRO, empowers employees to recognize costly malicious attacks, turning your staff into a security asset and protecting your organization.   

  1. Evaluate: Launch simulated phishing attacks to access your organizations susceptibility to cyberattacks
  2. Identify: Identify those employees who pose the greatest security risk.
  3. Remediate: Automatically assign remedial training through the HealthStream Learning Center
  4. Protect: Reduce risk and protect your organizations assets by encouraging employees to follow best practices.

Our privacy and security courses ensure all staff receive the education they need to mitigate your risk of a breach and avoid potentially costly mistakes.

Libraries include:

  • Security Awareness in the Healthcare Setting
  • PCI Awareness Training
  • Responsible Use of Social Media in Healthcare

Protect Progress

Our Research Compliance courses ensure all research staff understand the regulations governing their work. Courseware meets all NIH, NSF, Medicare, and HIPAA requirements, resulting in compliant research and consistent progress. 

Libraries include:

  • Conflicts of Interest and Research Misconduct
  • Grants and Contracts
  • Human Subjects Protection
  • Professional Relationships and Data Issues

What Right Looks Like

Our Workplace Compliance courses explain critical employment law regulations and guidelines. Courseware covers a range of topics that apply to the working environment and help prevent unprofessional and possibly illegal workplace choices.

Libraries include:

  • Health Literacy
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Preventing Conflicts of Interest
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment for Healthcare Organizations
  • Responsible Use of Social Media in Healthcare
  • Security Awareness in the Healthcare Setting

We're Proud to Partner with the Best in the Business

  • ACRP
  • Maxcom
  • 4Med
  • ELC Information Security

Infographic – HIPAA: PHI Where It Didn’t Belong

All healthcare workers are affected by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), a legislation which provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. HIPAA noncompliance can result in negative consequences such as disciplinary action, large fines and penalties. Download this infographic to read about a common scenario and what you can do to protect your organization and prevent violations.

I would definitely recommend this product to any healthcare system as one of the best interactive educational products available. HCCS has developed an excellent suite of Compliance training programs. The customer service and tech support provided couldn’t be better. The ease of use and accessibility are top notch. 

– University of Washington Medical Center