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Your provider credentialing software is your source of truth

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Curated data

Data is the lifeblood of your business. Good data leads to good decisions that will improve patient care and increase revenue. Your provider credentialing software should automate your credentialing processes with on-point curated data.

  • Pre-validated provider data
  • CAQH integration
  • Primary source verifications including; OIG, SAM, DEA, SSDMF, Medicare/Medicaid, and more with continuous monitoring
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Evidence-based content

Your credentialing solution should enable you to automate other important processes in your organization like privileging and enrollment to accelerate enterprise standardization. This should include evidence-based content.

  • Intuitively formatted privilege delineation forms with ICD-10 and CPT codes, and FPPE requirements
  • A standard indicator library featuring definitions
  • Peer Review
  • Expirables tracking
  • Pre-built workflows
  • Continuously-updated, pre-formatted payer forms
  • Library of online applications
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Provider satisfaction

Today’s providers want to focus on patient care—not providing redundant data. When it comes to physician credentialing, your software solution needs to deliver a superior provider experience.

  • A provider-facing hub
  • Electronic forms and signatures
  • CME tracking
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Exceptional user experience

The data collected by your provider credentialing software will be required in downstream processes involving a wide range of users. You need a solution that is easy to learn and easy to use and can be accessed anywhere/anytime.

  • Rapid implementation
  • Total portability – a cloud-based SaaS solution
  • Version control and continuous enhancements
  • An easy-to-understand interface
  • A powerful automation engine