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With nurses leaving the field at historic rates, nurse retention strategies are extremely important. We provide schedules for a vast range of medical staff

Providing your team with the proper support results in the highest-quality patient care. HealthStream's staff scheduling software supports the scheduling of occupations from nurses to hospital sitters. With app-based technology, self-scheduling options, and real-time analytics, leadership in your hospital can leverage our healthcare scheduling software to streamline communication, increase patient satisfaction, and improve staff recruitment and retention strategies.


*The average cost of turnover for a bedside RN is more than $46,000, costing the average hospital between $5.2 million and $9 million per year.

Your workforce scheduling technology directly impacts nurse well-being, success, and passion

In our September 2020 survey, Nurse Wellbeing at Risk, we asked nurses, “What is one thing that would improve your well-being at work?” Of the 7,330 write-in answers, one in three spoke of the impact of short staffing. January’s survey suggests that 22% of respondents plan to leave bedside care – or the profession itself – after 2021. Your ability to competitively retain talent from a shrinking pool is contingent upon nurse-centric, equitable scheduling processes. By meeting the needs of your nursing staff, on their terms, you can not only support their well-being and passion for patient care but elevate their work-life balance and reduce burnout.

A seamless transition to next-level scheduling

Trusted by healthcare systems across the country, in every setting from post-acute to hospitals, our scheduling solutions easily integrate with your facility's current software.

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See how HealthStream’s Workforce Scheduling solutions can help recharge your workforce by improving the nurse experience, elevating workflow, and reducing burnout. 

*2022 NSI National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report,

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