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Attract talented employees

Ensure fairness in nurse scheduling

As a healthcare CHRO, you want to reduce burnout, improve retention rates, and increase staff satisfaction, but your facility's scheduling practices might be working against you. Most likely, your managers are constantly calling on the same overburdened staff to fill shifts, increasing nurse burnout, and adding to the digital noise.


of nurses feel exhausted*


of nurses feel burnt out*


of nurses feel valued*

All of the nurses love it. It’s super easy to use… Our focus is always to keep our nurses on patient care and not having them worry about technology.

Brian Treptow

Chief Information Officer

New England Life Care


Over 30% of nurses rated their emotional health as not or not at all healthy**


of nurses reported experiencing stress**


Over 60% of nurses reported feeling frustrated and overwhelmed**

Innovative solution for next-level support

From retention to employee well-being, at HealthStream™, we want to provide you with the tools you need to keep your team supported and engaged. We know that your team is as valuable as they are diverse, which means you need an array of resources to meet each person’s unique needs and challenges.


Incentives & Recognition

Inspire the passion inside your nurses and healthcare workers by leveraging tools that make it easy to incentivize or recognize your team. Within ShiftWizard you can create unique incentive programs by department, team, or hospital as a way to increase retention and employee satisfaction. Additionally, HealthStream’s Performance and Engagement solutions can help you cultivate a culture of engagement and connectedness in your organization, while also giving you the tools to track each team member’s growth and potential.


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From leadership skills to clinical development, investing in your team is an investment in the care you provide. At HealthStream, our employee development offerings are a way to ensure you and your team are ready for every situation; and with HealthStream’s Credentialing solutions you’ll be able to support your staffs’ entire lifecycle, from beginning to end.


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When it comes to scheduling your team, you need the tools that help to elevate work-life balance. The ShiftWizard messaging center makes it simple and easy to filter which staff you message, which works to eliminate unnecessary messages and reduce message fatigue for your entire team.


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Employees are able to access their schedules at their fingertips and the directors are able to see everything in advance. Honestly, the end user being able to do things within the system as far as make changes, approve their time, or put in for swaps was one of the biggest reasons we switched to ShiftWizard.

Kayla Johnson, RN, MSN

Vice President of Patient Care Services

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System

Knowledge is power — learn more about supporting your team


CHRO Group 611


Creating Fair Schedules: Tips for Supporting Nurse Leaders at Your Facility

Do you know what scheduling in your facility really looks like? Learn more about best practices and what you can do to better support leaders in your hospital when it comes to creating fair, equitable schedules.


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CHRO Group 612


Prepare Your Team for the Future

Make sure your facility is doing everything to support staff and create an environment where your team is ready for any situation. See what the future of healthcare holds and what changes you can make to help your team prepare.


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CHRO Group 613


Strategies & Tips for Rebuilding Your Healthcare Workforce

In a post-pandemic world, burnout is a real threat to the quality and consistency of care your organization can provide. Learn how you can build back your workforce and retain talented, valuable staff.


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Create a welcoming, inclusive workplace for your entire team

Caring for your valuable staff is your top priority; at HealthStream, we understand that. That’s why we’ve made it simple and easy to support and retain your knowledgeable team.

  • Elevate employee development
  • Increase staff well-being
  • Improve retention
  • Streamline scheduling practices
  • Create next-level transparent and communication
  • Boots community and involvement
  • Promote better work-life balance
  • Enhance inclusion and diversity

Care for those who are caring for others

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