On-Demand Webinar60 min

NurseGrid | Fill Open Shifts Faster With Nurse-Centric Technology

Managers of departments with volatile staffing demands rely on NurseGrid's real-time shift management technology to reduce shorthanded shifts by filling openings, processing frequent swap requests, and distributing the schedule in a fraction of the time.


NurseGrid is an intuitive, user-friendly tool that works in conjunction with your existing scheduling and timekeeping software(s) by supplying the speed, transparency, and accessibility you need. It connects directly to NurseGrid Mobile--the #1 nurse app in the nation with more than 1 million downloads--to provide staff unlimited access and management of their schedule from their phone. Join us for this webinar as we demonstrate how you can foster job satisfaction, strengthen retention, and improve patient experiences with the NurseGrid Network's easy-to-use, nurse-first solutions.

Presented By:

Joe Novello Founder, NurseGrid

Connor Whan Director of Sales, NurseGrid

Amy Lingrosso Clinical Advisor, Sales, HealthStream