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Strategies for Optimizing Care of Older Adults Across the Continuum of Care

As healthcare providers, we must pay special attention to the transition of older adults within the continuum of care. Safe transitions across settings requires a strong team, attention to detail, and shared decision making with patient and family. The National Transitions of Care Coalition offers healthcare teams 7 essential interventions that can optimize patient transitions. In this webinar, we are joined by experts from Duke University to discuss how integrating these 7 interventions with a deep understanding of issues impacting older adults such as medication management, delirium prevention, and malnutrition can ensure successful transitions and optimize your patient outcomes. Let's team up and improve the confidence of all healthcare providers with respect to care for the elderly in care transitions across the continuum.

Presented by:
Mitchel T. Heflin, MD, MHS
Duke University School of Medicine

Eleanor S. McConnell, PhD, RN, GCNS, BS
Duke University School of Nursing
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