On-Demand Webinar60 min

Treating an Aging Population: An Effective Approach to Addressing Chronic Conditions

In a recent HealthStream survey of more than 700 healthcare leaders working across the care continuum, one-third of respondents indicated that new training is needed to keep up with changing patient environments, specifically for chronic care management. Combine that with the fact that chronic diseases account for seven of the top 10 causes of death in the United States, and 86 percent of annual healthcare spending, and it’s clear—this segment of the population, most often seniors, requires greater clinician and caregiver acuity. 


From diabetes, depression, COPD, hypertension and more, chronic conditions affect the entire care continuum, and proper management of these serious, often under estimated, disorders should play a vital role in any population health management effort. Robin Rose, VP of Healthcare Resource Group – HealthStream, and Robyne Wilcox, Senior Director of Continuum Research – HealthStream, joined us for a 50-minute webinar to discuss how chronic conditions, if ignored, can have detrimental impact on today’s healthcare landscape.


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