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Episode 9: Cathy Taylor: Rewiring Nurse Education to Match Industry Demands and Millennial Strengths.

The success of nursing education programs has never been as important as it is now. An older, more chronically ill, and culturally diverse patient population coupled with new graduate retention challenges are compelling nursing schools to rethink how they prepare new nurses. In this episode of the Second Opinions podcast, we talk to Dr. Cathy Taylor, Dean of Nashville’s Belmont University College of Health Sciences and Nursing, about today’s nursing students and the future of nurse education. Dr. Taylor speaks at length about how training curricula must change to match the unique characteristics of the connected, digital millennial workforce, and how we need to set expectations with students about the rigors and demands of the nursing profession. She also addresses the changing demands of the nursing workplace and Belmont’s transition to concept-based learning aimed at producing flexible, curious, engaged graduates who are ready sooner to provide professional care.

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