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Providing you with the right tools to protect the privacy and data of staff & patients

As the industry leader in workforce development, we’re proud to offer evidence-based solutions from internationally recognized leaders in healthcare. Whether you need to manage compliance-specific policies, ensure IT staff are educated and properly certified, or maintain proper healthcare IT cybersecurity, we have everything you need to build the best possible outcomes for every person on your team, regardless of your care setting.


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Maintain Compliance

With limited budgets, how can you ensure all purchased systems and contracts comply with organizational privacy and security protocols? Feel confident in your compliance with solutions like HealthStream’s Revenue Cycle Education.

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Ensure Preparedness

As a leader in information technology, you are always looking for ways to improve cyber security while maintaining proper compliance. Remain ready for IT disaster planning and recovery with HealthStream’s Policy Manager and Revenue Cycle Education.

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Educate Staff

Keeping your team informed on accessibility, phishing, and ransomware threats is the first defense against attacks. Reduced risk is possible with the help of HealthStream’s Policy Manager and partners like ELC Information Security and Skillsoft.

As an IT leader in healthcare, are you:

  • Worried your systems don’t comply with organizational privacy protocols?
  • Unsure if all contracts comply with SLAs and security practices?
  • Concerned your staff is not properly educated and/or certified on data accessibility and patient portals?
  • Looking to improve cyber security and encryption?

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