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What is a Bright Idea Program for Healthcare?

This blog post continues our series of patient experience best practices from theHealthStream Engagement Institute. Every week we share information that demonstrates our expansive understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare organizations and the solutions we have identified for improving the patient experience and patient and business outcomes.

About the Best Practice Series

We are pleased to share the many different best practices developed by our expert coaches from the HealthStream Engagement Institute. This series of how-to publications offers proven techniques, key words and phrases, and processes to help you transform your culture to one of high performance.

Our Best Practices Series, based on employee-developed and employee-managed practices and programs, includes the following:

  • Hourly Rounding

  • Reward and Recognition

  • Peer Interviewing

  • Bright Ideas™

  • Purposeful Rounding

  • Words that WorkSM

  • Service Recovery

  • Standards of Performance

Our goal for this collection is to offer you even more tools to achieve extraordinary service and higher levels of performance excellence. One such tool and the focus of this week’s blog is a Bright Ideas Program.

What is a Bright Ideas Program?

Creating and implementing a Bright Ideas Program provides a mechanism to solicit ideas from employees on how to improve a process or aspect of an organization – and reward them for doing so. The program can be simple or complex and be as creative and innovative as those who develop it.

What is a Bright Idea?

A Bright Idea is an employee’s suggestion for how the organization can better serve its customers, patients, employees, physicians, or the community. A Bright Idea supports a positive change, saves time, reduces costs, or promotes safety, and is within the scope of the organization’s resources to implement.

A Bright Idea is not a work order for repairing, cleaning, or replacing items. It’s not a current policy, an idea that was previously adopted, or a complaint. In addition, it’s not a suggestion that’s unrealistic or far too expensive to put into practice.

Why Launch a Bright Ideas Program?

Here’s what we know: most people have the desire to share their expertise and to make things better. A Bright Ideas initiative is simply the incentive vehicle that guides this process. It enables your organization to tap the knowledge reservoir of its most valued resource—its employees. They, in turn, will discover that they have been presented with an opportunity to offer innovative thinking, find fresh solutions, and provide innovative approaches. They are empowered to take responsibility for creating successful ideas to support positive changes, and acknowledged when they do so.

Plus, your employees will enjoy contributing to a program that is fun and provides opportunities for celebration. Along the way, staff will experience a strong sense of self- satisfaction, heightened morale, and accomplishment.

On a weekly basis we will share details about how to start a Bright Ideas program at your facility and the value this initiative may bring to your organization.

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