Provider Advisor

Fall 2017

In early 2017, Echo—A HealthStream Company released results of its survey of more than 900 medical services professionals that was intended to identify opportunities for improvement in provider credentialing and privileging. These professionals shared with Echo in no uncertain terms that automation was needed to maintain good provider data and to support efficient turnaround times. Our survey respondents were experiencing rapid growth in the demand for credentialing and privileging support and were discovering that current piecemeal efforts and decentralized systems were not getting the job done.

In this issue of Provider Advisor, we provide detailed results from our recent survey and showcase best practices from a few leading organizations who are centralizing their MSO/CVO activities and adding automation to improve the quality and efficiency of their work. Several articles also cover a number of emerging topics in our industry. Articles include:

  • Feature Article

    vRad Credentialing: Using Echo to Keep up with Company Growth

  • Feature Article:

    The CVO: Six Essentials for Achieving Rapid and Successful Centralization

  • Feature Article:

    MACRA Will Reinvent the Way the Practice of Medicine Is Organized

  • Industry Challenge

    The Role of the CVO in a Merger or Acquisition

  • Under the Microscope

    Annual Echo Survey on Provider Credentialing: Process Improvement and Data Management are High Priorities

  • Product Innovation

    A Virtual Reality Journey from Conception to Application: An Interview with USC’s Dr. Skip Rizzo

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