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Build a fair process for provider and physician performance evaluation with shareable outputs to facilitate fppe and oppe peer review.

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Say good-bye to disparate data and manual, error-prone processes

Assessing provider performance requires a fair process built around relevant data and shareable outputs. But knowing what to measure, how to collect meaningful data from numerous and disparate sources, and the best way to share robust reports remains a struggle for many healthcare organizations. Evaluate puts you in control. 

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Use Evaluate to:

  • Deliver an effective, efficient, and equitable evaluation of clinical performance via defined metrics, clear processes, acquired data, and robust reporting
  • Seamlessly incorporate volume, clinical performance, case review data and more in the re-credentialing process
  • Share provider performance insights to comply with regulatory requirements and improve the quality of care delivered
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Evaluate - HealthStream

Analyze & improve

  • Analyze provider-specific volumes related to granted privileges.
  • Drive evidence-based performance improvement by linking “how many” and “how well” a provider performs clinical privileges.

Review & collaborate

  • Electronically track, document, and share case review activities from initial screening through committee determination.
  • Enable reviewers to perform reviews from anywhere at any time via the Hub.

Comply & integrate

  • Support compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Connect data from your credentialing and EHR systems to track provider privilege use and quality indicators.


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A Single Solution for Fully Assessing Provider Performance

If you’re looking to:

  • Deliver quality care
  • Ensure patient safety 
  • Attain compliance

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