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myClinicalExchange puts you in the driver’s seat

Manual healthcare onboarding processes are inefficient, unreliable, and can contribute to gaps in compliance. Take charge of your experience while gaining real-time visibility into the entire clinical rotation journey, saving time, and reducing overall costs.
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Get immediate visibility into your student onboarding experience

Development of a competent and compliant workforce can be an efficient, timely process with the right tools in place. With myClinicalExchange, facilitators have the peace of mind that they are developing future clinicians and positively impacting the healthcare community.

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With 24/7 access to online help and unlimited storage for documentation and archives, myClinicalExchange is an invaluable resource for all users.


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  • Simplify clinical and nursing rotation management
  • Use a single application to manage onboarding checklists across programs, departments, and units
  • Ensure thorough audit responses with comprehensive reporting

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 Academic Institutions


  • Streamline the rotation management workflow by tracking rotations in realtime
  • Maintain a comprehensive master list of clinical compliance
  • Automatically push students’ compliance information based on clinical requirements

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  • Online access to rotation schedule, including preceptor and instructor information
  • View and update rotational compliance checklists
  • Provide feedback on rotation experience to clinical sites and academic institution



average reduction in onboarding time


decrease in manual report inquiries

3 hours

average savings per student in Rotation Management

As a healthcare leader, are you:

  • Overwhelmed trying to manage and organize the influx of students for placement?
  • Unsure of how to best assemble accurate student information and reporting?
  • Frustrated by scattered workflow and lack of automation for the volume of students records you manage?

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