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Are you personalizing your nursing staff’s education plan to ensure safe patient care?

Onboarding with Jane® reduces seat time and ensures safe clinical practice through measuring a clinician’s ability to consistently and safely apply clinical knowledge and judgement through personalized assessments. This smart solution establishes a baseline competency level for all clinicians and provides customized, rapid onboarding for every nurse. 

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Create a personalized education plan for your nurses using patented intelligence.

Education and onboarding aren’t the same for everyone. Stop pushing out blocks of training to your clinicians and start investing in individualized education for a higher return. Onboarding with Jane® measures a clinician’s ability to consistently and safely apply clinical knowledge and judgment through the use of valid and reliable assessments, all designed to assist healthcare organizations to ensure clinicians meet and exceed expectations for competent performance. 


Jane® by HealthStream
Jane by HealthStream


  • Clinical Judgement Series of AI-Enabled Assessments 
  • Time Savings Automation with Bulk Work Capabilities
  • National Average Comparative Visualization 
  • Assign Personalized Development Paths 
  • Reflective Plan & Activities 
  • Onboarding with Jane® also includes these CE Unlimited with Jane features like 2,000+ CE courses, 40+ CertPrep courses, complimentary CertPrep mobile app and more
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Initiatives & Goals Supported

  • Meets Joint Commission standards for the evaluation and documentation of nursing competence
  • Incorporates Core Measure Sets within the simulated patient events
  • Addresses National Patient Safety Goals throughout each assessment component
  • Enhances current orientation programs by providing a focused plan for development specific to assessed learning needs and clinical assignment
  • Preceptor process improvement
  • Staff remediation and skills improvement
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Courseware Content

  • Knowledge Assessments
  • Clinical Judgment Assessments;
  • CE Courseware with automated recommendations based on assessment outcomes 
  • Micro-learning courses for 15-minute CE modules
  • Critical Thinking Development Simulations 

Client Spotlight

Our organization embraced PBDS for 19 years and while we really liked it, we had ideas for how it could be even better. Onboarding with Jane® is exactly what we envisioned! We save an average of eight hours of educator time per assessment!

Patricia Maule, MSN, RN, NPD-BC

Clinical Scholar & Nursing Education Manager

San Juan Regional Medical Center

Having been there as a new nurse, I know how scary it is to not know something or to not know what to do. I’ll do anything that I can as an educator to help them through that process, to make sure that when services are needed, I’ve got nurses who know how to take care of my family members, me, or Jane by HealthStream or anybody in general.

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National Specialty & Role-based Scoring Benchmarks

As a healthcare leader, are you:

  • Uncertain your staff is consistently providing competent care?
  • Frustrated about how to properly execute and scale a competency strategy?
  • Looking to reduce seat time during the onboarding process?
  • Trying to find ways to save money while still retaining top talent?

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See for yourself how Onboarding with Jane® can help your organization save time and money, improve the quality of care, and increase confidence through objective data, automation and artificial intelligence.

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