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Powers professional growth

Are you leveraging automation to ensure staff competency?

Jane is a smart solution that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create a system designed to measure competency across the knowledge and clinical judgment domains. This powerfully intelligent tool seamlessly incorporates Knowledge Assessments, AI Critical Thinking Assessments, and a comprehensive CE library to allow for the identification and mitigation of organizational risk in minutes.

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Jane, your digital mentor

We understand that while your nurses are caring for patients, it’s crucial that someone is caring for your nurses. Jane is a patented, dynamic system powered by Watson that helps bridge the gap between what nurses need and what you have time to provide.

Healthcare leaders can leverage Jane to:

Determine customization to fit your unique needs_Y

Identify competency development

Remediate Gaps with Personalized Learning Paths_C

Remediate gaps with personalized learning paths

Improve Care Delivery_P

Improve the delivery of care


Jane® by HealthStream

Assessments & learning paths

  • 16,000+ valid and reliable knowledge questions
  • First-ever critical thinking assessment, leveraging artificial intelligence
  • 2,000+ courses with CE enabled for one-click development plans
  • Assigned & self-directed development capabilities
  • Preceptor guidance for critical thinking


  • Proprietary taxonomy with 60m+ relationships allows for meaningful recommendations at scale
  • Preceptor support
  • AI-based competency assessment solution using conversational format, powered by IBM Watson.


  • Staff competency profiles with rapid view of strengths and gaps
  • Raw score, percentile ranking & national benchmarks for context
  • Aggregate view of top performers & key areas of risk

Client Spotlight

Our organization embraced PBDS for 19 years and while we really liked it, we had ideas for how it could be even better. Onboarding with Jane® is exactly what we envisioned! We save an average of eight hours of educator time per assessment!

Patricia Maule, MSN, RN, NPD-BC

Clinical Scholar & Nursing Education Manager

San Juan Regional Medical Center

Having been there as a new nurse, I know how scary it is to not know something or to not know what to do. I’ll do anything that I can as an educator to help them through that process, to make sure that when services are needed, I’ve got nurses who know how to take care of my family members, me, or Jane by HealthStream or anybody in general.

Nurse Education Leader

Pilot Organization



Years of data leveraged


Assessments completed


National specialty & role-based scoring benchmarks

As a healthcare leader, are you:

  • Uncertain your staff is consistently providing competent care?
  • Frustrated about how to properly execute and scale a competency strategy?
  • Looking for more ways to cut costs and save time?
  • Trying to find ways to engage and retain your top talent?

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See for yourself how Jane can help your organization save time and money, improve the quality of care, and increase confidence through objective data, automation and artificial intelligence.