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  • 15,600
    number of nursing homes (2014)
  • 1.4 M+
    number of residents (2014)
  • 15%
    percentage of adults over age 65 who experience difficulty living independently (2013)



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White Paper: Ambassadors of Hope in Healthcare

Ambassadors of Hope is a concept we developed to help healthcare workers of all levels gauge their own abilities and reasons for choosing a healthcare profession. It also describes how we can improve on all of the facets that make for a refined, engaged, and inspired individual, to truly understand our daily impact in a healthcare environment. Ultimately, healthcare workers inspire and help other human beings to live or have sanctity of life regardless of their disease or affliction.

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Results Physiotherapy
Echo drives us to the best solution when it comes to credentialing, by helping our staff navigate multiple complicated payer systems and get solutions quicker than ever.
David Bromfield
Vice President of Operations

Results Physiotherapy

Results Physiotherapy reached a tipping point where its current infrastructure could no longer manage significant growth. Nowhere was this more evident than in the onboarding process for physical therapists.

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decrease in credentialing time
Resurrection Health Care / Presence Health
“I was able to listen, read, view, and interact with the program—exactly how learning should be! I am excited to work for Resurrection!”
Resurrection Health Care Employee

Resurrection Health Care / Presence Health

Resurrection Healthcare (RHC) is a community-based not-for-profit healthcare organization located in Chicago. With over 15,000 employees, its more than 100 sites of care include 8 hospitals, 9 nursing and rehabilitation centers, child care, retirement communities, home health and outpatient surgery.

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orientations per month
Baptist Health - Jacksonville
Competencies and web-based training modules are easy to produce with HealthStream’s course development process. The learning curve to implement HLC is also quick. A majority of our self-paced, web-based courses are developed internally, but we also have an option to use HealthStream content as well.     
Darrin Hayes
System HealthStream Administrator

Baptist Health - Jacksonville

Baptist Health includes five nationally accredited hospitals, a children’s hospital, more than 200 primary care and specialty physician practices, a free-standing ER, home healthcare, occupational health, pharmacies, rehabilitation services, urgent care and a recently added cancer center. It employs 10,000 staff and operates over 1,000 bed... Read Full Story

individual learning module EMR rollout
I find in working with HealthStream in our partnership, it's the innovation, the caring that I see, and it's the collaborative relationship with HealthStream that is special.
Annette Dailey
Learning System Manager

Kettering Health Network

Kettering Health Network was facing several challenges, including effectively managing employee competencies, standardizing its education program, improving HCAHPS scores, minimizing training inefficiencies, and improving its accreditation process.

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estimated hours saved in surveys

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"The rate at which workers are leaving Long Term Care (LTC) is outpacing the entry rate across all LTC sectors. And this situation promises to get more challenging as the demand for LTC workers is expected to increase as the population ages. For example, skilled nursing facility employment is projected to grow about 24% between 2012 and 2022."

–University of California San Francisco Health Workforce Research Center on Long-Term Care (2015)

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