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Is your clinical documentation accurate and compliant?

The outpatient setting can present various challenges to consistently providing complete and accurate clinical documentation. A lack of education strategy to improve your team’s documentation skills could lead to reduced reimbursements, jeopardize quality outcomes, increased audits and a poor experience for your patients.
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Clinical Documentation Education, a prescription for improved clinical documentation

Your team often provides care in a fast-paced and busy environment, which can make it difficult to provide complete and accurate clinical documentation. The customizable Clinical Documentation Education helps your staff implement standardized training while providing the flexibility to choose courses that fit individual needs and availability.


Healthcare leaders can leverage Clinical Documentation Education to:


Ensure documentation supports quality outcomes

Remediate Gaps with Personalized Learning Paths_C

Remediate individual knowledge gaps with personalized learning paths


Improve reimbursements


Benefits of Clinical Documentation Education

  • Identify knowledge gaps surrounding the MS-DRG system with targeted competency assessments
  • Qualify Clinical Documentation Improvement specialists to manage and maintain an Outpatient CDIS program
  • Improve and optimize provider communication
  • Standardize documentation and improve quality measure reporting
  • Examine and understand how coded data impacts quality outcome report cards
  • Promote patient advocacy for improved patient satisfaction Hospital
  • Compare scores

Personalized learning experience

  • Assess: Evaluate the employee or candidate’s competency and capabilities
  • Target: Utilize analytics and assessments to monitor progress and plan next learning enhancement
  • Transition: Provide assistance with career paths and opportunities by offering education to move them up and where the organization needs them
  • Insight into a learner’s, or group of learners’, activities and time spent
  • Compare to national benchmarks

    Content presented in dynamic formats

    • Live and Recorded webinars
    • Courseware
    • Simulations
    • Videos
    • Games
    • Resources

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    As a healthcare leader, are you:

    • Losing money because inaccurate clinical documentation has reduced your reimbursements?
    • Dealing with frustrated and dissatisfied patients?
    • Seeking a way to improve and standardize clinical documentation in your organization?
    • Trying to improve patient quality outcomes through improved documentation?

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