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Proactively reduce claim denials

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Improve revenue cycle performance

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Improve AR days

Hospital claim denial rates have been steadily increasing, signaling a need for better claims denial management.

Providers must streamline workflow processes to ensure accurate patient registration and charge capture along with supporting documentation and coding for timely clean claim submissions. Innovative education and resources will be particularly important when focusing organizational efforts around denials management, prevention, and defense.
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Develop a proactive denial and appeal strategy through targeted education

With courses tailored specifically to managing, preventing, and appealing denials, FinThrive’s denials management education, available exclusively through HealthStream, will equip your staff to recognize how inaccurate charges affect your hospital’s bottom line and identify strategies to ensure accurate documentation and charging.

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Healthcare leaders can leverage denials management education to:

Save Time and Money_P

Prevent claim delays and denials


Ensure accurate documentation and charging

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Proactively defend your CDM structure


Built for busy professionals

  • Short, concise courses
  • 24/7 access to courses on any device

Accommodates different learning styles

  • Self-Paced eLearning
  • On demand webinars
  • Assessments
  • Badges & certifications


  • Staffing
  • Quality
  • Productivity


The opportunity for remedial training has ensured better performance across the board, ultimately resulting in a top-tier denial impact of only .62% and additional revenue capture of $17 million.

Myndall Coffman

Executive Director

Baptist Health



increase in average denials rate since 2016


of claim denials are avoidable


learners trained with revenue cycle education

As a healthcare leader, are you:

  • Seeking ways to improve your revenue cycle performance?
  • Struggling to stay compliant with ongoing regulatory changes?
  • In need of resources to help staff successfully appeal denials/resolve discrepancies?
  • Looking for strategies to prevent claims denials?

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See for yourself how our denials management education can help your staff maximize reimbursements and optimize cash flow, directly affecting your bottom line. 

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