We make meeting Gen Z’s expectations simple & easy

We allow managers and staff to access schedules quickly, request shift swaps, self-schedule, and more at anytime, anywhere, from desktop or mobile. 44% of Gen Z consumers check their text notifications within one minute of receiving a text––that’s 27% faster than the national average.


Feel stressed at work


Report feeling burned out


Have sought a mental health diagnosis

Empower your Gen Z workforce

From schedule autonomy to improved communication, ShiftWizard makes it easy to give your new generation the control they crave.

Meeting Gen Z from anywhere

No matter where you or your Gen Z workers are within your organization, it’s critical to know how to leverage your resources to reach this generation effectively.



Human Resources & Gen Z

Because Gen Z is the most diverse generation in the workforce today, your DEI initiatives carry more weight than ever before. Developing diverse, equitable, and fair scheduling practices is key to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for anyone on your team.

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Nurse Leaders & Gen Z

As a nurse leader, you need to understand the newest generation joining your team to support them. This generation values their personal time and mental well-being. Allowing your staff to self-schedule and easily swap shifts and limiting unnecessary messages are simple ways to support a healthy work-life balance for your team.

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Gen Z & Training Opportunities

Gen Z is a generation focused on personal growth. Offering this sector of the workforce ample opportunity for development is essential to not only retaining your talented staff but also attracting the employees you need. With HealthStream’s personalized onboarding and training solution, JaneAI, you can welcome and retain valuable staff in a way that meets their unique needs.

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