10 Most Popular All-Time HealthStream Blog Posts in 2019

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

Here are the 10 HealthStream blog posts that were most popular in 2019, regardless of the date originally published:

Effects of Poor Communication Patterns Between Nurses & Providers

There is a strong correlation between the communication skills of healthcare providers and patient health outcomes. Poor communication between nurses and providers can occur for a variety of reasons, either intentionally or unintentionally.

5 Essentials of Nursing Orientation

Nursing orientation plays a pivotal role in the competency and retention of newly hired registered nurses. Effective orientation and precepting programs produce nurses who provide competent, quality patient care and are enculturated as productive members of the healthcare team.

The Importance of Effective Communication in Nursing

Our regular first-person nurse blogger writes, “As a nurse, you must effectively communicate in order to be successful in your role. While there are many important examples of communication in healthcare, I have come to learn that effective communication is most important during patient interactions.”

5 Reasons Why Lifelong Learning is Essential in Healthcare

Lifelong learning is a long-term career need for nursing and elsewhere in healthcare, to ensure that employees improve their clinical competency and stay abreast of advances in healthcare. Here are five strong reasons it is essential.

Organizational Goal Setting in Healthcare: Best Practices

Goal setting is one of the most important activities for any healthcare organization. This blog post explains the benefits and best practices of goal setting and lists the steps involved.

Challenges In Nursing Facilities: Best Practices

A number of situations and industry changes will continue to be big challenges for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). Here are some of them, as well as some solutions.

7 Nurse Retention Strategies

The nurse retention strategies that worked 10 or even 5 years ago cannot dampen the kind of turnover that healthcare is facing. Healthcare organizations that want to retain employees need to implement stronger, evidence-based strategies.

How to Become a Healthcare Compliance Officer

The career outlook for healthcare compliance careers is very promising. A few years ago, The Wall Street Journal labeled compliance officer the hottest job in America. The blog has advice about education, training, skills, and the career path for becoming a healthcare compliance officer.

Benefits of Hourly Rounding in Nursing

Learn how hourly rounding improves communication and ensures the best outcomes in a healthcare setting between staff, patients, and loved ones, from HealthStream.

Lifelong Learning in Nursing Is Vital

An interest in lifelong learning is a natural characteristic of anyone working successfully in healthcare; it is considered to be an element of professionalism for nurses and other clinicians.


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