Confronting the Problem of Inadequate Access to Mental Health Resources

April 8, 2021
April 8, 2021

According to Marjorie Morrison, co-founder, President, and CEO of Psych Hub, one of the biggest overarching problems they are seeing in mental health is access. Psych Hub offers two different eLearning solutions for the entire continuum of care, both of which combat the problem of access.

  1. Learning Hubs: An online learning tool that offers different levels of courses for mental health providers, professionals, and allies, such as healthcare staff, first responders, teachers, and more. The content is created in partnership with top researchers at universities such as Columbia, UCLA, and UPenn. Many of the Learning Hubs offer certifications and are designed for the top three tiers of the Psych Hub pyramid, as shown below. However, as providers complete certifications, they unlock educational videos and resources that can be shared with their patients.
  2. Micro-Video Library: A free collection of short, animated videos that covers a broad variety of mental health topics that can be accessed by the general public. These are designed for the bottom tier of the Psych Hub pyramid and are focused on improving mental health literacy and reducing stigma about seeking care.  

Psych Hub is connected with over 600 partners, including major insurance companies, large corporations and nonprofits, and government partners to expand their reach. These partners have access to free video content addressing a wide variety of mental health topics that they can share with their audiences to improve public mental health literacy.

“Right now there is a lot of noise in the digital therapy realm—new technologies, new startups, more mental health apps. This makes it confusing for people to know what to trust. At Psych Hub we work really hard against that to make sure that all of our videos are learning solutions and that everything is trauma-informed, clinically-sound, non-triggering, and evidence-based,” explains Morrison. Beyond that, Psych Hub has a rigorous check list to ensure the content has diverse and inclusive representation, is created by subject matter experts, and is delivered in an engaging way. And as for the barrier of access—the video library hosts more than 180 videos that are accessible to everyone at no cost.

This blog post is the next excerpt from the HealthStream article, “Psych Hub Reimagines Online Mental Health Education: An Interview with Co-Founder and CEO Marjorie Morrison,” available. Other installments in this series include:

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Helping Healthcare Organizations to Support Mental Health

Everyone has a role to play when it comes to supporting mental health. With the Mental Health Ally Certification Library (MHAC) from Psych Hub, you can equip staff members at any level in your organization to learn about critical mental health topics and gain actionable skills to help someone or themselves during difficult times.

MHAC offers five micro-certification tracks focused on critical mental health topics, including: mental health foundations, substance use, motivational interviewing, diversity and bias, and suicide prevention. Learners can complete a single track for micro-certification to focus in on a specific need for your organization or complete all five tracks and obtain the master Mental Health Ally Certification from Psych Hub. In addition to interactive courses, each track comes complete with several companion videos for both providers and patients. These short 3-5-minute videos are excellent for focused knowledge building, reinforcement, or refresher.

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