Make Certain Performance Rewards for Healthcare Staff Are Adaptable

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

One of the most recognizable influences in today’s workplace environment is diversity. A recognition program therefore should embrace creative options to reward all involved and to keep the initiative from going stale.

An initiative that focuses on rewarding only one segment of the employee population can be perceived as unfair. Do the means of recognition that you as a leader emphasize include everyone? And can you honestly say that everyone is eligible – from front line care givers to support staff to managers?

The best programs are a mix of formal and informal recognition venues that offer opportunities to everyone. It is a good idea to use your staff to personalize and expand on how your area bestows recognition. Having just one or two methods of rewarding excellence is not enough. A diverse mix of reward and acknowledgement is necessary to be truly successful, and what a great way to engage employees by asking them to develop the variety!

In addition, by making your program adaptable, you are ensuring that it stays fresh and exciting to staff. When there are a variety of methods, you have the opportunity to feature one or two at a time, and change to different venues ever so often. Too, you can vary the reward to fit the time of year, to emphasize a holiday, honor a professional group, or call attention to a standard of performance. A big part of adaptability is innovation. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the rewards you offer or the type of recognition, and your program will never become stale.

Tying positive results to celebratory opportunities does not usually happen without a conscious effort; but it can become second nature  in your organization when you have a team that is constantly looking for ways to celebrate, encourage and recognize positive results.”

—Al Stubblefield, Founder, BLG, and Former President and CEO, Baptist Health Care

Reward and Recognition Training

BLG teaches key skills, approaches, techniques, and best practices to help leaders effectively reward and recognize high performers. Elements of this training include how to harvest reward and recognition opportunities, thank you notes as a key engagement tool, formal recognition programs that support a patient focused culture, and informal methods that create a custom, individualized approach to thanking team members in your employee family.

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