Three Steps to Ensure Physician Alignment, Performance, and Career Satisfaction

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021
This blog post excerpts an article in the Winter 2015 issue of HealthStream's Healthcare Workforce Advisor, our quarterly magazine designed to bring you thought leadership and best practices for developing the healthcare workforce.

No area has been so ignored in the push for healthcare reform as the need to prepare and position physicians to succeed—in their careers in the face of great changes, and as leaders and partners in changing the way care is delivered. The demands on physicians are changing at an unprecedented rate. Hospitals are often disappointed with the degree of alignment with their medical staff, and with the performance of employed physicians. Physicians struggle to succeed and find career satisfaction. New payment methodologies and an emphasis on multi-disciplinary teamwork, outcomes, and patient expectations are forcing them to re-think how they practice. At the same time, value-driven care concepts assume a new level of physician leadership, and collaboration between physicians and hospitals.

A Failing Approach 

Most physicians begin their career unprepared for what they’ll face outside of the exam room or operating suite. They have little training on how to function within an organization, work in teams, or lead. They also know little of how a hospital, practice, or the healthcare system in which they work operates; how to take charge of their own career; or how to identify and make use of the variables that will help them meet their career goals. Therefore, physician dissatisfaction, poor performance, and turnover rates are almost always about a lack of key behavioral skills, or the hospital’s real or perceived failure to meet the physician’s expectations. Too often, great expense and effort are spent finding a candidate, but little attention goes into making sure that candidate can and will succeed in the given role. 

This article describes a "Comprehensive Approach to Physician Selection and Development in Three Simple Steps," including:

  • Step 1 – Define What Success Looks Like
  • Step 2 – Evaluate the Degree of “Fit”
  • Step 3 – Developmental Plans
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