What Matters to Emergency Department Physicians?

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

This blog post excerpts an article by Robin Rose,  Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, HealthStream, in the most recent issue of HealthStream's PX Alert, our quarterly e-newsletter featuring patient experience news, best practices, and learning opportunities.

What is important to Emergency Department physicians, and how do they compare to physicians from other medical specialties? HealthStream has a database of more than 37,000 physicians who have recently participated in our Physician Insights Survey. Within this database, more than 2,500 physicians are Emergency Medicine Specialists. In this article, we take a look at these 2,500 physicians to gauge their satisfaction levels and to understand more about what they think is working well for them and where they have concerns.

Emergency Department Physicians Are Confident to Recommend the ED Where They Work

Despite increasing volumes, new regulations, coding deadlines, increased safety concerns, and numerous other pressures, most Emergency Department (ED) Physicians feel good about the hospital where they work and would definitely recommend it to others.

Of the 2,536 Emergency Department Physicians in the HealthStream 2014 Physician database, more than six in ten (62.4%) strongly agree that they would recommend their hospital emergency department to others. As we will see though, that does not mean ED physicians are completely satisfied or that they don’t see some significant opportunities for improvement.

ED Physicians See Room for Improvement

ED Physicians give their highest score to the “efficiency of the emergency department,” with 62% saying they are very satisfied with their hospital’s performance in this area. ED physicians also give high marks to how well their hospital schedules inpatient and outpatient surgeries. The following are the areas in which at least 40% of all ED Physicians say they are “very satisfied” with their hospital’s performance.

ED Physicians give their highest marks to…

% Very Satisfied

EFFICIENCY OF EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT: The efficiency of the Emergency Department in treating patients


SCHEDULING FOR OUTPATIENT SURGERY: Ease of scheduling and performing outpatient surgical procedures with minimum inconvenience and delay for physicians


SCHEDULING FOR INPATIENT SURGERY: Ease of scheduling and performing inpatient surgical procedures with minimum inconvenience and delay for physicians


MANAGE EMERGENCIES: Availability of well-trained nursing staff to manage emergencies


DIAGNOSTIC TESTS: Ease of scheduling and performing diagnostic tests with minimum inconvenience and delay for patients and physicians


TREATMENTOF FAMILY: How effectively and sensitively families of inpatients are handled throughout their interaction with the hospital


TEAMWORK: How well the nurses, doctors and other staff work together as a team


CONDITION OF THE HOSPITAL: Upkeep of the facility, including cleanliness and maintenance


SAFE CARE: Efforts to provide safe and error-free care to patients


This article also includes:

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  • How ED Physicians Are More Satisfied than Other Physicians
  • 10 Key Drivers of Overall Satisfaction for Emergency Department Physicians
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