HealthSouth Honored for Advanced Support of High Quality Resuscitation

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

This blog post recognizes the winner of the 2017 HealthStream Excellence Through Innovation Award for Achievement in Resuscitation.



As one of the nation’s largest providers of post-acute care, HealthSouth’s primary focus is on patient rehabilitation in 123 acute rehabilitation hospitals/units throughout the United States.  

A Need for Resuscitation Standardization and Consistency

The challenge for HealthSouth’s Western Division was the unfinished implementation of HeartCode in its 16 freestanding HealthSouth Acute Rehabilitation Hospitals across 6 states. Despite having HeartCode and paying for it, the hospitals continued to hold traditional in-person BLS classes in their hospitals for the majority of staff. These BLS courses varied in content and focus, so there was little standardization across facilities and a major concern regarding the quality of BLS education and skills being taught.

Improving Support Conditions and Maintaining Organizational Emphasis

HealthSouth focused attention on the region and worked to re-educate the hospitals and provide support for re-implementing HeartCode. A HealthStream consultant worked with each hospital’s Chief Nursing Officer to identify individual barriers in each hospital, including equipment issues, manikin repair or replacement needs, and Internet connectivity limitations. Improvements were made for better Internet connectivity and reliability, appropriate physical space, storage needs, and overall program administration. Currently, all 16 hospitals are now using both the BLS and ACLS courses and the Voice Activated Manikins for Skill Validation. HealthSouth has seen a dramatic increase in the use of HeartCode for BLS certification. Many of the hospitals have completely eliminated onsite classes for resuscitation. All Clinical Staff now take the HeartCode courses, and there is an increased confidence that HealthSouth’s BLS education program is consistent and ensures high quality CPR.

About the HealthStream Awards of Excellence

The HealthStream Awards of Excellence acknowledge exceptional performance achieved by healthcare organizations with the use of our solutions—spotlighting innovative programs and superior leadership that support organizational excellence, workforce development, patient experience, employee engagement, positive community perception, and more. It is an honor to recognize our customers’ dedication to methods and processes that lead to quality improvements and, in turn, improved patient outcomes.

2017 Excellence Through Innovation Awards®

These awards recognize HealthStream customers who executed initiatives that have led to improved outcomes, including, but not limited to, process improvements (e.g., time savings, cost savings, streamlined onboarding, performance appraisal innovations, etc.) or quality improvements.

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