Purposeful Innovation

When healthcare problems go unsolved, it’s important to take action. HealthStream assumes this responsibility with the help of experts and care providers—the organizations in the thick of it—who are challenged by regulations and changing expectations but driven by passion and good intention. This partnership with a plan to solve a specific industry challenge is called a Living Lab™.

By collaborating with healthcare providers across the country, the Living Labs' program gives healthcare leaders the opportunity to innovate in clinical development, quality, risk, technology, education, process, and culture—all focused on healthcare workforce development.



The Living Labs team helped us map our Med-Surg competencies into the curriculum of a local nursing school, creating a more confident and skilled applicant pool of nurses for our hospital system. We are expanding to a second regional nursing school this year.

– Marco Fernandez, Executive Director, Talent Management and Education, Saint Thomas Health


Stages of Innovation

Building research objectives and launching a pilot around a new initiative is a journey. The Living Labs team works with organizations to conceptualize
and validate a potential opportunity through a series of consultations. We publish outcomes and share data in peer reviewed and trade publications in the hopes of
accelerating improvements to challenging healthcare problems.

Living Labs


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