The New Choice in
Advancing Resuscitation Competency is Here.


The Science is Clear and Available to Everyone.

Resuscitation protocols must be grounded in the most current science available.  The American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ curriculum is based on more than 20 years of guidance by the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council and the same science that forms the basis of resuscitation for the entire world.



A Smarter, More Flexible Way to Deliver High Quality Resuscitation.

HealthStream, in partnership with the American Red Cross, now offers a new choice for advancing resuscitation competency throughout your organization with the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite. Based on the best worldwide resuscitation science, every element is focused on improving responses to real-world resuscitation events. Combining the most advanced learning technologies with an innovative interval-based approach to training teams and leaders, the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite is driving the next wave of resuscitation excellence.

Our science is solid when considering using the American Red Cross for resuscitation training. The science is based in ILCOR, making us an equal partner with other organizations developing programs based on ILCOR science. But, what does set us apart is our flexibility.

—Jonathan L. Epstein, MEMS,NRP, Senior Director—American Red Cross

ARCRC Real Videos



Real Professionals.
Real Environments.
Real Practice.

The American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite curriculum features powerful video content using real clinicians in real environments. Learners gain confidence from our real-world approach to resuscitation competency development, and when every member of the resuscitation team feels confident and competent, lives are saved. In addition, the program is perfect for on-the-go learning with smartphones, tablets, and laptops. As a result, the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite makes developing high-performing teams easier than ever.

Reduce Time to Competence with Adaptive Learning.

Instead of a one-size-fits all program for every staff member in your organization, the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite curriculum features an adaptive learning design, with pre-assessments that allow for individualized learning plans. This approach to learning is more personalized and focused, and can increase retention rates from 70-80%. 

By having learners follow a competency-based progression that focuses on the ability to demonstrate mastery of a topic, the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite reduces course time, saves money, and increases staff availability for delivering care.

ARCRC Pre-Assessment

skills check



Light Travels Faster Than Sound...
Adapt in Real-Time.

Receiving fast and accurate feedback on resuscitation performance is essential in developing competent caretakers. That is why the American Red Cross Resuscitation Suite focuses on a seamless skills check process with visual & quantifiable skills assessment that provides instant feedback to users. Important measurements such as compression rate & depth, number of cycles, ventilation volume, and hand position are simultaneously reported. This shows learners their areas of strength or opportunities to improve on.

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