How healthcare moves forward in 2021

The challenges of 2020 put tremendous strain on healthcare professionals and organizations alike, impacting them deeply at a personal and operational level. What will the pandemic's repercussions be in 2021, and how can healthcare leaders emerge from the crisis to build stronger, more resilient organizations?

HealthStream’s Robin Rose explored how major changes underway in workforce development, technology, care delivery, revenue cycles are shaping the landscape in our tenth annual look forward with Ten Trends: How Healthcare Moves Forward in 2021.

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Top ten trends: How healthcare moves forward in 2021

Delve deeper into this year’s Top Ten Trends in this article by HealthStream’s Robin Rose, Vice President, Healthcare Resource Group. This downloadable PDF accompanies the webinar replay and includes links to strategic guidance for the year ahead, along with linked references from the presentation itself.

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It’s a tall order. Meet the needs of a once-in-a-generation health crisis while recruiting and retaining the best possible workforce in a swiftly changing economic environment. The challenges of 2021 and beyond are substantial. From workforce recruiting, education and development to credentialing, privileging and provider enrollment solutions, HealthStream is committed to helping you solve healthcare’s biggest problems. No matter what tomorrow’s news cycle brings.

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