5 reasons to use an online resuscitation training program

July 9, 2021
July 9, 2021

Within the next five years, many more healthcare organizations are expected to adopt some form of online or automated resuscitation training. Already, 50% of the industry uses an online resuscitation program, which typically includes an online cognitive teaching course, a self-directed skills test via smart manikin that provides user feedback, and operational tools for administration, tracking, reporting, and continual improvement. Though providers may have their own additional justifications, here are some of the most prominent reasons for making the switch to an online resuscitation program.

Advantages inherent to online resuscitation training programs

  1. Precise and Objective Feedback about Resuscitation Procedures – An online resuscitation training program gives more precise feedback than an instructor, as well as much more objective feedback for such metrics as ventilation volumes, hand placement, and compression rates. These are easy measurements that a resuscitation manikin gets right every time.

  2. More Consistent and Standardized Clinical Resuscitation Instruction Resuscitation training needs to occur the right way, and the same way every time, so that every person on your staff is prepared similarly to save lives. It removes any issue of variability connected to using instructors by relying on a standardized program.

  3. Far Greater Flexibility for Resuscitation Training – An online resuscitation training program can be taken on a computer, a tablet, or even a smartphone. A course that can be taken anytime and anywhere eliminates many of the barriers to getting employees trained and certified on resuscitation.

  4. Data and tools to power improved outcomes – An online resuscitation training program allows organizations to access and aggregate training results and make conclusions about individual learners’ preparation and competency and how to improve their resuscitation readiness.

  5. Savings -- Moving a resuscitation program online will save an organization’s time and money. The most cost and time effective resuscitation training option is online training with a self-directed manikin skills test. To account for the true cost of each method, you have to include the average salary of the participant, the salary of the instructor, and all of the individual time that it's going to take as well as any fee for the course and materials involved. Online training and manikin testing also incorporates the least staff time away from patients and greatest convenience. Healthcare organizations face financial pressures from myriad directions—an online resuscitation program is an important place to identify savings.

This blog post is part of a series based on the HealthStream webinar, Why Now Is the Right Time to Take Your Resuscitation Education Online, presented by Luther Cale, Vice President of Resuscitation, and John Dymond, Vice President of Sales, Resuscitation. Access the webinar recording, which includes information about limited time savings on HealthStream resuscitation solutions.