Align Your Business Needs with Your Compliance Solution for Determining Regulatory Training

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

Making sure your mandatory annual healthcare training meets all regulatory requirements is not as impossible as it seems, even when different requirements are buried in multiple sources and overlapping regulatory agencies. In the HealthStream article, “Navigate the Healthcare Regulatory Training Maze - Finding the Right Path through Regulatory Requirements Is Easy with a Good Compass,” we discuss a better way to approach to establishing a comprehensive view of all your requirements and using it for planning annual regulatory training.

Align business needs with regulatory compliance.

You should use a solution for determining your regulatory training that matches your organization. Compass has multiple versions to match organizational complexity and operational environments. To power the system, it has a vast array of data in place, currently tracking 53 types of care settings and more than 250 disciplines. It also follows nearly 23,000 federal and state regulations—several hundred per state across regulatory training, and licensing and scope of practice categories. Compass is designed to work for single practitioners and any size facility or system.

Compass is available for hStream clients and offered in these options:

  • Compass Freemium: Provides free access to federal and state data across all care settings and five pre-selected disciplines.
  • Compass State Training Requirements: All federal requirements for all disciplines and care settings in a particular state or states.
  • Compass Scope of Practice and Licensure: All federal and state licensing data, and access to Scope of Practice requirements as well as licensing qualifications for all applicable disciplines.

There’s no doubt that an easier way to handle training and other regulated healthcare functions is needed. Just think back to those annual planning meetings. “Federal and state guidance is publicly available, but it’s really hard to find that information, let alone interpret it,” Hamrick says. There are so many websites to track, and that’s even more difficult for an organization with multiple types of facilities within a state, or in multiple states.”

Compass offers a simple, effective, and direct way to navigate through that chaos and creates a reliable way to stay current with, and even ahead of training, licensure, and scope of practice requirements, for individual practitioners, individual facilities, and large, multistate healthcare enterprises.

As it examines how healthcare organizations can change the nature of their education planning and management process, this article also covers:

  • Endless, Complicated, and Headache-Inducing
  • Historic Recurring Training May No Longer Be Valid
  • Requirements change and multiply relentlessly.
  • When It Comes to Determining Required Training, Let Compass Do the Work for You!

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