Elevating Resuscitation Practice at Mercy Health—Lessons Learned (Part 3)

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

HealthStream recently spoke with Angela Woods and Melissa Reichling, educators at Mercy Health, about their experience during the organization’s transition to online resuscitation training and manikin-based skills verification. This blog post, the third of three excerpts from the article, focuses on the remaining lessons learned about resuscitation training at Mercy Health.

Consider Expanding the Training to Other Disciplines

Woods believes that there would be great value in expanding the clinical disciplines that achieve certifications for basic and advanced resuscitation. Already, she shares, “We’re really focusing on getting our respiratory therapists training. While it’s not always in the material that they’re required to take, if they expand their skillset it offers more interdisciplinary collaborations when we’re in code situations.”

The Value of the Convenience of Doing It on Your Own Time

Since the introduction of the program, learners have valued the convenience of the online resuscitation training program over traditional classroom-based resuscitation training. Woods notes that her nurses, “really enjoy having the ability to get online and complete their modules at a time that works best for them—it’s not a set date or call time. With nurses’ schedules and long days, picking up extra shifts here and there does make it a little harder for them to come in to complete a set class.” Best of all, this led to positive feedback about the training program and influenced learners’ perceptions.

Automatic Certification Tracking Is a Key Benefit

Certification tracking and assignment through HealthStream is a key feature of this training. Wood and Reichling see significant value in the certification renewal reminders that are sent to staff with automatic assignment of courses. Woods says, “Staff definitely appreciate the reminder that HealthStream sends them and gives them enough time to get in and complete the online module and then complete their hands-on portion.”

Woods and Reichling value the resuscitation program from HealthStream and believe it has elevated the resuscitation training at Mercy Health. The program offers opportunities to expand staff skillsets and provides valuable functions such as the pause button and automatic feedback to enhance knowledge and skill application. Overall the resuscitation training program’s convenience and compliance with national guidelines has enhanced Mercy Health’s resuscitation program.

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