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Empowering your perioperative staff

April 19, 2022
April 19, 2022

This blog post is taken from a recent webinar moderated by HealthStream’s Beth Pfeifer and featured Andrew McCone and Kyle Haack, Solution Executives for HealthStream’s Clinical Program – Surgical Portfolio. The webinar focused on some of the most popular Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) courses and how healthcare leaders can leverage these courses to empower their perioperative staff and help them gain the knowledge, skills and confidence that are essential to all high-performing OR teams.

AORN Content – Available Exclusively through HealthStream

McKone began by sharing that AORN’s courseware is available exclusively through HealthStream giving customers access to evidence-based content that has been curated by AORN. This creates significant advantages for HealthStream customers as the content can now be delivered from a single source with a single login, making it easier for administrators to track performance and completion rates. AORN’s content is the gold standard for surgical services. AORN and HealthStream are proud to provide content that will help build a team of high-performing OR staff and support your organization’s strategy to be the best in class.

The Courseware

Periop 101: Haak began by sharing information about some of the core curriculum. “Periop 101 is AORN’s gold standard orientation program,” said Haak. Periop 101 is a comprehensive, blended educational program based on the latest guidelines for perioperative practice. Haak went on to share that “upon completion, nurses will be able to function independently in the perioperative environment.”

The program covers three unique pathways: the OR pathway, the ambulatory surgery center pathway and the Cesarean pathway that includes considerations for both mother and baby. Each pathway includes:

  • 23-25 didactic eLearning modules
  • Textbook readings from AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice and Alexander's Care of the Patient in Surgery
  • Skills labs
  • Checklists
  • Final Exams

“Participants who complete the Periop 101 program should know exactly what quality care looks like,” said Haak.

Periop 202: Periop 101 is foundational and the Periop 202 module is the next step in building a comprehensive perioperative skill set. This course covers essential nurse education for specialty surgical procedures and includes content to address the growing number of more complex orthopedic procedures. While the surgical suite is generally a high risk/high reward area, there are some procedures where both risk and reward are higher than others. Larger procedures such as total joint replacements, spine surgeries, trauma surgeries and open heart surgeries come with much higher risk and the Periop 202 content addresses the unique challenges associated with these procedures.

AORN’s annual competency assessment: This program was developed by experts at AORN and HealthStream. “It equips organizations with the ability to quickly and accurately evaluate perioperative competence on an ongoing basis through the use of a series of evidence-based clinical skills checklists and corresponding assessments for each of 10 topics,” said Haack. Skills that are not used frequently can deteriorate over time. The Annual Competency Assessment provides healthcare leaders and staff with a verified baseline against which skills can be evaluated. While designed to be used on an annual basis, it can be used on any schedule as deemed appropriate by the user.

Foundations for sterile processing: McKone describes Sterile Processing as the heart of the OR suite. This course covers high-level disinfection, packaging systems, flexible endoscopes and sterilization (among other topics) and helps learners and leaders understand the best practices in sterile processing.