Expand Healthcare Business Skills and Promote Leadership Development with New Skillsoft Training

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

A recent Bersin study reveals that healthcare employees have just 1% of workweek available for learning—that equates to just 24 minutes per week. This is a tiny window of time for development of professionals and leaders; that time has to be put to optimal use. Both the nature of the content and its delivery must be optimized against this constraint. That is why micro-learning content, delivered in short bursts, is so critical for today’s learner.

In today’s always-on work environment, people won’t take the time to learn unless it feels relevant and it’s embedded in the workflows of the learner. The stats are humbling:

            Employees often won’t watch a video longer than 4 minutes.

            We have to grab someone’s attention in 10 seconds.

Learners must have the right kind of quality learning content just when they need it, in the moment when they are seeking just-in-time answers to unexpected business challenges.

Develop Your Leaders with Mission-Critical Business Skills

Skillsoft recently developed 242 new courses, available through HealthStream, in crucial business skills and leadership development. This powerful course content represents an exciting new direction for Skillsoft by connecting two of its greatest assets, technology and leadership development.

The flexible training and development solutions are paced for comprehensive engagement, with a new, expanded library of over 1800 micro videos meant to keep up with the average employee’s concentration span—3 minutes. Data-driven instructional design styles and interactive scenarios will give your employees practical, realistic situational simulations to learn and develop their skills.  We’ve struck a great balance between soft and hard business skills in this new offering. Whether it is understanding big data analytics or quality management and continuous improvement, Skillsoft has given very careful thought to making sure they have the right topical coverage and will continue to add valuable topics to the new collection.

Current Content includes:

  • Leading Your Team Through Change
  • Business Ethics Essentials
  • Leveraging Team Leadership Skills
  • Thinking Strategically and Managing Risk
  • Women In Leadership
  • Keeping Priorities In Focus
  • And 200+ more

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