Four Webinars Focused on Solutions to Clinical Development Challenges

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

HealthStream is committed to solving big problems in healthcare, in areas ranging from clinical development and talent management to resuscitation and revenue cycle management. Below you’ll find links to four recorded Webinars about clinical development challenges common to healthcare organizations.

Lifelong Learning: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Reciprocal benefit exists when lifelong learning is supported by healthcare organizations and embraced by the healthcare team. During this webinar EBSCO Health’s CNO, Diane Hanson explores the impact of lifelong learning, and how the ever-changing healthcare industry is transforming how the workforce is educated and prepared to meet ongoing learning demands.

Eliminating Paperwork: Create a More Valuable Checklist Experience

During this webinar, you’ll hear how HealthStream customer, Alternate Solutions Health Network, utilizes the award-winning Checklist Management tool to standardize and document validation of skills, track completions, and eliminate the hassle of paperwork and manually tracking completions.

Missed Diagnosis in the ER: The Silent Tragedy

During this webinar, we discuss the impact of missed diagnoses on patients and organizations. We also review the emerging regulatory guidance as a result of the increasing occurrences of missed diagnoses and explore an educational approach designed to improve staff awareness and ability to identify commonly missed signs/symptoms/test results that lead to a missed diagnosis.

Maternal Mental Health: Risk Assessment and Intervention Before, During, and After Pregnancy

During this webinar, Women's Health Integration Specialist, Susan Kendig, describes the four key components of the Maternal Mental Health: Depression and Anxiety Patient Safety Bundle.