From Compensation to Retention: Five Articles About Talent Management in Healthcare

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

HealthStream believes that the people who work in healthcare are key to improving outcomes. Because every patient deserves the best care, that can only come from the best developed workforce. More than 4,000 organizations across the continuum of care use our platform to manage talent—improving their people in order to provide the best care to millions. Below we’ve collected five articles that represent some of our recent thought leadership about healthcare talent management.

5 Ways Compensation Planning Can Improve Employee Retention

For most healthcare organizations, their greatest expense—and greatest differentiator—is their employees. In this paper, we look at the role compensation can play in supporting employee retention and suggest ways healthcare organizations can use a strong compensation strategy to reduce employee turnover.

Solving the Retention Problem Across the Care Continuum

What are some of the tools that organizations across the care continuum can adopt in their efforts to improve retention? Download the article to learn more.

Workplace Data Collection Advances and Improves Healthcare Hiring Outcomes

Workforce data, and finding ways to analyze, evaluate, and integrate it into business functions, is not new but is becoming more important in healthcare today. In this article, see how using data can build effective hiring, development, and leadership practices for your organization.

Workforce Trends Shaping Healthcare

The healthcare industry continue to evolve and this year is no different. This article breaks down the workforce trends that are affecting healthcare.

How Avera Health Used Leadership Development to Improve Outcomes

Leadership development training is essential to employee retention and new leader development. Read how Avera Health implemented a leadership development program that improved outcomes throughout the organization.