Most Popular Nursing Blog Posts from HealthStream So Far in 2020

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

At HealthStream we spend much of our time focused on nurses—especially on finding solutions to their workforce development challenges and to providing ways to make their jobs less conducive to stress and burnout. We often publish blog posts focused on nurses, who are key to improving outcomes throughout healthcare. Here are our most popular nursing-focused blog posts so far in 2020.

Preventing Nurse Burnout – Five Strategies

HealthStream discusses being vigilant about identifying symptoms of and preventing burnout by providing interventions to help nurses and healthcare organizations.

Introducing Jane — The First Digital Nurse Advisor

HealthStream has introduced the Jane™, the first-ever AI-based competency assessment solution using a conversational format, to help quickly and accurately onboard both new and experienced nurses.

Preventing the Spread of the Three Most Common Blood-Borne Pathogens

Understand how to prevent the spread of the three most common blood-borne pathogens. Know the essential elements in the creation of a safety culture that will minimize the risks of exposure to blood borne pathogens for employees and patients.

Successful Patient-Centered Care in Nursing

There are impediments to implementing patient-centered care (PCC) in which nurses will play a key role to improve outcomes as well as the experience of care.

3 Ways Nurse Management Can Improve Communication

Here is a list of 3 ways nursing management can improve communication to quit overwhelming staff with information and contact, from HealthStream.

The Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence to Individualize Nurse Orientation and Training

Healthcare organizations’ outcomes can benefit when they use a system based on artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure the competence, readiness, and ability of their nursing staff.

Recommendations for Tackling Nurse Burnout

Though we hear a lot about physician burnout, this condition is also a significant problem in nursing. To reduce the likelihood of nurse burnout, healthcare organizations should take an active role in developing and fostering resilient environments.