Nominate Your Organization for a 2016 HealthStream Award of Excellence®

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

The HealthStream Awards of Excellence spotlight innovative programs and superior leadership that support organizational excellence, workforce development, patient satisfaction, employee engagement, and more. It’s an honor to recognize our customers’ dedication to methods and processes that lead to quality improvements and, in turn, improved patient outcomes. The HealthStream Awards of Excellence include: 

Excellence through Innovation® Awards

These awards recognize our customers who executed initiatives that have led to improved outcomes, including, but not limited to, process improvements (e.g. time savings, cost savings, streamlined onboarding, performance appraisal innovations, etc.) or quality improvements.

 Award winners in each category will:

1. Describe a challenge or obstacle facing their organization.

2. Identify the HealthStream solution(s) they used to help them in their efforts.

3. Document the outcome that resulted.


Award Winners will be recognized in each of the following categories: 

  • Patient Experience Initiatives to support patient-centered care and/or the improvement of CAHPS scores.
  • Onboarding Initiatives to improve transition to practice, clinical orientation, and preceptor programs.
  • Industry-Driven Initiatives ICD-10 Training, EMR Adoption, Accountable Care Organizations, Patient-Centered Medical Homes, etc.
  • Talent Management Initiatives to support improvements in performance, competency, and learning management; improvements in employee engagement; better alignment of HR and clinical departments.
  • Credentialing Initiatives to improve efficiencies related to the credentialing process.
  • Resuscitation Education/Training initiatives to support Quality CPR and improve resuscitation rates.
  • Compliance Initiatives to improve compliance and better track required training to simplify regulatory audits.
  • Authoring/Instructional Design Self-authored courses developed to support initiatives across your organization. 

All entries will be reviewed by an advisory panel of industry experts. Submissions must include the use of at least one HealthStream, HCCS, or Echo solution.

The Patricia E. Lane Award

Excellence through Individual Innovation

HealthStream created the Patricia E. Lane Award in 2009, in honor of Patricia E. Lane. Patricia was a HealthStream System Administrator, leader of the Virginia HealthStream User Group (HUG) since its inception, and a 29-year employee of Rockingham Memorial Hospital in Harrisonburg, Virginia, who lost her life in a tragic car accident in December 2009. She touched the lives of her co-workers and many healthcare organizations from across the state of Virginia who benefited from her expertise, sage advice, and leadership.


Excellence through Insight® Awards

These awards recognize hospitals that excel in their ability to gain insight about their patients, employees, physicians, and community through research and use that information to build excellence within their organization.

Please Note: Award submissions are not accepted for Excellence through Insight Awards, as award winners are selected based solely on data collected via HealthStream's Research Solutions.