Pre-Employment Testing for Revenue Cycle Staff Protects Employer Investment

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

Healthcare employers can further insulate themselves from revenue cycle staffing issues around competency and turnover by establishing pre-hire testing. Using pre-hire assessment tools allows for a deeper dive into a candidate’s skillset, uncovering areas of possible deficiency in an otherwise good hire that can be addressed through mentoring and education. It also can identify areas that would make the potential hire a bad cultural or skillset fit.

“A healthcare organization has to be nimble; you can’t get away from attracting and retaining the best employees, and what’s important on the job today may not be as much tomorrow,” according to Susan Gurzynski-Wells, MS, RHIA, Senior Product Manager, Revenue Cycle for HealthStream. “If you’re offering free haircuts today, and I’ve just gotten one, it’s not that important. But I want to know that resource is available when I want that service. If I, as an employee, know that I have this trusted partner who I am comfortable with, who’s going to be working to make sure I have the ongoing education I need at any point along my professional journey, then I am going to want to stay on that team.”

Also Provide Continuing Education Opportunities

Continuing education in the workplace will always revolve around motivated staff who want to learn and grow. Even so, it’s greatly enhanced when those individuals don’t have to search for opportunities but rather have them readily available.

“People want to move around—and move up,” says Beth Ottinger, RN, BSN, CPC, CCS, an AHIMA-Approved ICD-10-CM/ PCS Trainer and Vice President, Product Management Education with nThrive. “They want a clear path to do that. They want to see that their employer is committed to their advancement. Handing them a stack of books and telling them to read those, as happened to me once when I moved from being a bedside nurse to a patient financial review position, isn’t the way. When we use pre-hire assessments, mentoring programs, and certifications, we can open up a whole new world for both facilities and employees. Everyone’s eyes are widened, and things work so much better on every level.”

This blog post excerpts the HealthStream article Growth Potential: Career Pathways Offering Mentorship and Education Can Engage and Motivate Revenue Cycle Staff. Other content about enhancing and protecting the revenue cycle workforce includes:

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