Quality in Healthcare: Q&A with TeamHealth’s Chief Medical Officer

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

This blog post excerpts an article by HealthStream's Robin Rose, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, in the Fall 2014 issue of HealthStream's PX Advisor, our quarterly magazine focused on improving the patient experience. 

Emergency department (ED) physicians and hospitalists have a broad impact in today’s hospitals, collectively influencing care for a high percentage of all hospital patients. As chief medical officer for TeamHealth—a Knoxville-based company that supplies outsourced emergency medicine and hospitalist services to approximately 900 civilian and military hospitals, clinics, and physician groups—Dr. Miles Snowden has a front-row seat from which to examine the many changes occurring in healthcare. For this article, we spoke with Dr. Snowden to get his perspective on what is occurring in the healthcare industry today and the implications he sees for the state of quality in our nation’s hospitals.

To begin, Dr. Snowden shares his observations on some broad changes in healthcare delivery that are having a strong influence on physicians and the way they practice. He discusses three developments in particular that are shaping the new world of the physician—all with clear repercussions on the quality of patient care that is being delivered. He then goes on to show how these changes are directly impacting the delivery of both emergency and hospital medicine.

Some of the questions he answers are:

  • From the physician’s point of view, what changes are you seeing in healthcare delivery?
  • How is the environment in the emergency department changing, given the developments you mention above?
  • What are the quality issues that keep physicians up at night?
  • How is the environment changing for hospitalists?
  • What efforts by hospitals and physicians are proving to be most effective in improving the quality of patient care?
  • What barriers do hospitals and physicians face in improving the quality of patient care?
  • What else are you seeing that is having a positive effect on quality of patient care?