Ready for a smarter, safer way to monitor your workforce?

May 18, 2022
May 18, 2022

Keeping up with your changing workforce and the evolving regulatory landscape is a tall order. We get that. That’s why we built Workforce Validate. From initial onboarding to ongoing monitoring, with Workforce Validate, you can be sure each member of your staff and vendors are clear to be on the floor.

We recently sat down with Caroline Shirley, Workforce Validate Product Manager, to learn more about Workforce Validate. A summary of our chat follows.

Q: What is Workforce Validate?
A: Simply put, Workforce Validate replaces the manual process of license verification, sanction, and exclusion monitoring. It helps HR teams, compliance teams and all healthcare administrators automate what can be a very manual process. Workforce Validate can track licenses and flag odd results that you might miss.

Q: Why was the solution created?
A: There are many options when it comes to verification, but what we heard from customers was that they were tough to implement and difficult to use. We set out to change that with Workforce Validate. It’s a great fit for clients with access to the hStream platform. We offer the license and sanction verification solution free to hStream subscribers. There really isn’t another solution out there like this.

Q: What does a typical implementation look like?
A: Each implementation is of course unique to the customer. But the solution is built to be easy to implement. The biggest factor is the quality of a client’s data. For clients with really accurate data in their HLC, the solution can be implemented in a matter of two weeks. The data flows directly from their HLC into Workforce Validate. Once the data mapping is complete, we just set up a dashboard review for training on the product. If a client doesn’t have clean data, for instance if titles are missing or entered incorrectly, a bit of extra time will be required for cleanup.

Q: What is a client losing if they are not using Workforce Validate?
A: TIME! Without an automated tool, anyone responsible for verifications must go to a website like a state board website and manually enter the data to be verified. From there, they must go into their HR system and update it with the results of their search. It can take five to ten minutes to perform each check and longer if /when you run into problems. Without automation, companies are wasting a lot of time. There is also more risk of errors when you are doing things manually.

Q: What are some of the benefits users enjoy?
A: They gain time back in their day. They also transform from being reactive to proactive when it comes to maintaining compliance. The solution reviews licenses and sanctions continuously and sends out notifications regarding any licenses expiring within a 90-day period. With a list of
those licenses in hand, users can begin contacting the providers that need to renew. The system will continually send reminders regarding expirations until updates are made.

Q: What are the risks involved with poor validation?
A: Anyone with an expired license or has a sanction or exclusion against them must be pulled off the floor. This can really impact patient care and both patient and provider satisfaction. It’s just not a place you ever want to find yourself. In addition to that, noncompliance can result in lawsuits. The neat thing about Workforce Validate is that it can help you ensure all the providers within your own organization have valid licenses and are in compliance, but it can also take a look at your vendors and be sure they are in compliance too. This is an area that is often hard to monitor and can lead to serious issues. It truly monitors your universe.

Q: How does one get started with Workforce Validate?
A: Like I said, Workforce Validate is easy to install and easy to use. The first step is to get in touch with your Account Manager who will walk you through the solution. From there, our Client Experience Team will examine your data and get the import started. It’s a personalized process and we take great care of our clients to be sure of their success.