Spring 2016 Workforce Advisor Focuses on Workforce Development in Non-acute Care

Much of the healthcare in America is actually delivered outside the four hospital walls—through our clinics, surgery centers, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, hospice and palliative care services, rehabilitation centers, behavioral health facilities, and medical practices. With the recent acceptance of telemedicine, the venues in which non-acute care can be provided are expanding even further to include any place where there is a good Internet connection.

In this issue of the Healthcare Workforce Advisor, we examine aspects and issues involving the workforce that is providing non-acute healthcare. Theirs is a sector that is rapidly reinventing itself through technology and better market positioning, but it is also a sector facing some tough workforce challenges.

We look at the non-acute healthcare industry from a variety of perspectives. We look at the Internet of Caring Things that is bringing new technology to support self-care and revolutionize non-acute care delivery. We talk with Dan Borton, Corporate Director of Leadership Development for McLaren Health Care Corporation, to discuss how his 45+ years of experience help him think about and manage talent across different care settings. We take a deep dive into new government mandates for offering bundled payments for joint replacements and reducing unnecessary readmissions in skilled nursing facilities. Finally, we examine turnover rates in post-acute facilities, which can reach as high as 100 percent and look at some possible solutions for reducing turnover and improving employee engagement.

Articles in this issue include:  

  • Executive Letter

    Taking a Close Look at Non-Acute Care

  • Feature Article:

    Is 100% Turnover Really the Best We Can Do?

  • Feature Article:

    Home Health Agency Brings Undreamed Hope to Those Caring for Children with Special Needs

  • Feature Article

    Go Beyond Your Own Four Walls: McLaren’s Dan Borton Seizes Opportunities to Extend Talent Management Influence

  • Industry Challenge

    Will Workforce Issues Derail Progress in the Non-Acute Sector?

  • HealthStream100

    Leaders Think Healthcare Quality, Staff Confidence Could Be Better

  • Product Innovation

    SNFs Under Intense Scrutiny

  • Expert Opinion

    It’s Time to Make Some Changes in Non-Acute Care

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April 1, 2021