The Importance of Building Change Management Competence

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

Naturally most of our focus on competency is on clinical and leadership competencies; however, given the rapid rate of change in healthcare, it also makes sense to ensure that your organization is competent in change itself. Prosci, an industry leader in change management, believes that all organizations need to be thoughtful about building and maintaining competency in change management. Prosci points to competitive advantages, a reduction in failed changes, the volume of upcoming changes, the value of consistent application, and building employees’ personal and professional competencies as benefits of change management competency. If your organization is struggling to keep up with change and has an uneven record of successful change implementation, perhaps it makes sense to evaluate organizational competence in change management itself.


The Joint Commission establishes competency assessments and performance appraisals as two separate, but interrelated requirements. The standard defines the competency assessment as an evaluation of whether or not the clinical staff has the skills, knowledge, and ability to perform the assigned job duties. It also establishes that competency assessments are to be performed by staff who understand the skills and knowledge being assessed and recommends re-assessment at a minimum of once every two years after the initial assessment. Additionally, the performance evaluation looks at how well staff performs their job responsibilities and should also be performed at least once every two years.

This blog post is the sixth in a series of excerpts from the HealthStream article, Maintaining Competency: Turning Concepts into Practice. Healthcare providers use the HealthStream Competency Center to Measure & Validate Competency. Doing so includes the ability to measure and benchmark behaviors or levels of competence in positions across the healthcare field through peer, preceptor, or manager appraisal, including methods of validation and evidence of achievement. Explore HealthStream clinical development solutions that ensure competency.

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