The Joy of Working with Millennials in Healthcare

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

By Trisha Holbert, MA, SPHR, Associate Vice President, Talent Solutions

Working with Millennials is a joy; that’s not a joke. This generation includes our children, grandchildren, students, and friends. We developed them. We raised them. We made them who they are today. So why do we typically describe them in a negative light?

The Millennial generation is typically identified as those born between 1980 and the early 2000s and can be seen as entitled, fearless, inpatient, dreamers, or impulsive. However, what if you looked at it from a different perspective? Perhaps you would you see a generation that is vibrant, epic, collaborative, tech savvy, futuristic, ambitious, and free to think big. These are the characteristics that make Millennials so great to work with!

Driving Change and Improvement

The millennials in our healthcare workforce have challenged the rest of us to reconsider how we have “always done things.” They want ongoing coaching and development and not a one-time per year annual evaluation and training. They want to understand how their specific role impacts organizational strategic goals instead of a vague statement that they cannot relate to. They want to be paid for performance and not a minimal annual merit that they cannot connect to their achievements. They want information delivered to them where they are; on a mobile or interactive platform, not a desktop work station that they may or may not have the opportunity to connect to.

Better at Multitasking

One key rewarding trait is their keen ability to multitask.  You won’t find your millennial slacking if you establish up-front goals and expectations around daily or weekly objectives. Their productivity is high as they have the ability to accomplish more at once. Millennials are able to write a report, listen to a webcast, and carry on an email conversation all at the same time.

Efficiency, Collaboration, and Creativity

The way we’ve always done it, will no longer be effective. Our Millennials encourage us to be more effective, efficient, social, and collaborative. They are building strong teams and envisioning a future that fuels the imagination. Healthcare organizations that choose to be in denial and refuse to engage positively with millennials will find themselves unprepared to meet their future needs in staffing and leadership.  We have a lot to learn from this generation and must tap into this talent pool, prepare them for the future, and recognize that they are our legacy. Healthcare can only benefit if we do.

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