Tie the Standards of Performance to Healthcare Employee Practices

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

This blog post continues our series of HealthStream Coaching's patient experience best practices. Every week we share information from our coaches that demonstrates their expansive understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare organizations and the solutions they have identified for improving the patient experience and patient and business outcomes.

The Standards of Performance can be used in numerous ways to help select applicants who are well suited to the healthcare organization’s culture. For example, some organizations attach a copy of the Standards to employment applications. Then potential employees are asked if they can live by the defined behaviors and if they are willing to sign a statement of agreement. This is most effective with ensuring that applicants are on-board with cultural expectations.

In addition, you can build the Standards into job descriptions and into employment listings on your web site. Finally, another good practice is prescreening applicants during the peer interview process with behavior based questions which exemplify the organization’s principles of conduct.

A sampling of such questions is shown below.


Describe a time when you realized you needed to make an improvement in your communication skills, and how did you manage it?

Think of a problem customer that you had to deal with on your last job. Tell me what happened and how you handled it.

Standard: TEAMWORK

What did you do in your last job to contribute toward a teamwork environment? Describe how you felt your contributions affected the team.

Have you ever had to resolve a conflict with a co-worker? How did you resolve it?

Standard: ATTITUDE

Tell me about any experience you have had turning a problem into a success.

Tell me about a time when you have felt like giving up on a certain job. What did you do?