Transition Nurses to New Practice Settings with Accredited Nurse Residency Programs

April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021

How good a job does your organization do in transitioning nurses to new practice settings? Can you document your procedures and have certainty that you are doing the best job possible to build nurse confidence, maximize nurse retention, and ensure patient safety? Are your transition programs so strong they are providing you a competitive advantage in attracting nurses who are eager to work in your facilities? Are you interested in solutions to hiring, retention, and engagement challenges involving your nursing workforce?

In this eBook, Do You Do a Good Job Transitioning Nurses to New Practice Settings – CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth and ANCC Show Benefits of an Accredited Nurse Residency Program, we examine CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth’s recent success in gaining accreditation for their nurse residency program from ANCC (the American Nurses Credentialing Center). They are one of only ten hospitals in the U.S. to receive this new designation, and they have discovered many benefits from doing so. The ANCC accreditation has given them assurance that they are providing first-class preparation for their nurses who are transitioning to new practice settings. It has also substantially improved their nurse retention rates and made them the preferred place to practice in a competitive hospital market.

The articles in this eBook document the benefits and share best practices of pursuing the accreditation from three perspectives—nurse leadership at CHRISTUS and St. Elizabeth, leaders at ANCC, and nursing coaches at HealthStream. Their stories will make you want to step up your own game when it comes to transitioning nurses.

Articles include:

  • CHRISTUS Sets a High Bar for Transitioning Nurses to New Practice Settings
  • Nursing Transition of Practice Programs: The Value of Accreditation
  • Seeking Nurse Residency Accreditation: HealthStream Can Help

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